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From Just Swings To The Backyard Extreme

Kids Korner Playsets now has sets in multiple states including NC, SC, VA, AL, IL, MD, and in the Washington, DC area and will travel to create a wonderful playset anywhere we are wanted including out-of-state areas. 

While we are based in Efland, North Carolina (Orange County) we have built pretty much through out most of North Carolina and also have sets in Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Alabama, and Washington, DC.  While it may cost more for travel expenses to travel further distances, you will likely find that while we are creating a custom playset for you that we are still by far less expensive than most of our competitors for sets of similar comparison.

As a result of the rising fuel prices we have had to increase the fuel/travel fees as shown below:  

Our fees will depend primarlily on how far we have to travel. All areas within 1 hour of Efland are considered our general area and there are no added travel fees.  Ares within 1 to 2 hours of Efland will be charged a $100.00 fuel/travel fee.  Areas that are located  2 to 3 hours from Efland, NC will be charged a fuel/travel fee of $200.00.  Areas that are located 3 to 4 hours from Efland, NC will be charged a fuel/travel fee of $300.00. Please contact us for areas more than 4 hours away from Efland, NC.   If an overnight stay is necessary there will be an additional fee charged at a rate of $150.00 per night to cover lodging expenses for 2 rooms.  On average most of our sets will take one(1) to two (2) days to complete.  More extreme sets may take anywhere on average from three (3) to five (5) days.  Please call for fees outside of these areas.

Please feel free to contact Billie Ann at 919-730-3211 for further information.