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From Just Swings To The Backyard Extreme

The Parents Retreat

Who said that playsets were just for kids, not us!!!  Kids Korner Playsets proudly announces the creation of the "Parents Retreat" - a playset for parents (and of course grand-parents or anyone wanting their own backyard retreat).

This amazing backyard retreat was designed for a customer that we had created our first "Hidden Hollow" playset which features an open air fort that wraps around a tree with bridges and multiple other multi-level forts.  They liked the kids playset so much they wanted us to come back and create a playset just for them.  This amazing project was specifically designed for their backyard and included options they wanted such as a 16' bridge from their existing deck which had really steep steps going down that they were afraid the children would fall on - therefore we created all of the multi-level drop downs and a stairway with landings giving the children a safer way to enter their backyard.  They also loved including trees in their project so we wrapped their set around another tree.  We duplicated their existing walkway that tied in and led them into the lower level of their retreat and custom built benches with a comfortable reclined back and a table with a hidden bench that can be slid in and out for the kids to picnic on the "Parents Retreat".  We also added planters with perola in the corners so that they could add that personal touch with flowers and vines.  We then added one of our porch swings in the corner for a relaxing afternoon.  All is needed now is the lemonade and refreshements. 

We had actually planned to add in an area to add a barbecue grill for cookouts, but given the fact that this family are all vegetarians this was not something that was needed for them, however it can be added for other customers.

Give us a call and we will be happy to come out and design a "Parents Retreat" that will work for you and designed just for your backyard.  We can even look at renovating your existing deck with some of our ideas as well as acually turning adding items such as slides or rock walls to your existing deck when space or budget prohibts the addition of a playset.  We can also create 'Family Retreats" that includes options for the whole family. 

Pricing on these projects will all be individual as I am guessing we will never build any two just alike.