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Information Request Form

If you do not receive a follow-up on your information request, please call Billie Ann at 919-730-3211.  For some reason not all information requests are coming through.

Also, please remember to enter a name and either a phone number or email address as a means of contact. Otherwise I cannot respond to your information request.

What price range are you interested in?
$450 to $650
$650 to $1050
$1000 to $1500
$1500 to $2000
$2000 to $2000
$2000 to $2500
$2500 to $3000
$3000 to $3500
$3500 to $4000
$4000 and Over
What options are you interested in for your playset?
Standard belt swing/s (115 lbs)
Commercial Grade Belt Swing/s (350 lbs)
Standard swing hangers (115 lbs)
Commercial grade swing hangers (350 lbs)
Toddler Swing
Disc swing
Tire swing
Climbing rope
Standard 4' deck height
Higher 5' deck height
Multi-level decks
Multiple Forts
Enclosed Garage or Playhouse under fort
Enclosed fort
Standard 8' slide (4' deck)
Faster Wave slide (5' deck)
Turbo slide (7' deck)
Monkey bars
standard bridge
Standard rock wall with rocks and climbing rope
Pre-formed rock wall
Parents swing
Steering Wheel
Play phone
Built-in sandbox under fort with seats
Sandbox with 4 seats
Sandbox with 4 seats and roof
Built-in picnic table under fort
Child sized picnic table
Standard height swing arm
Raised heigh swing arm
Ladder access
Renovations to an existing set
Additions to an existing set
NC Certified Play Mulch
Wood retaining border for play mulch
Lunch Counter under slide
Fireman's Pole
Side Winder Slide
Open Spiral Slide
Lemonade Stand
Special Requests
10' Scoop Wave Slide - 5'6" Deck