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From Just Swings To The Backyard Extreme

Holiday Inn - $8500.00

The Holiday Inn is an unbelievable and amazing playset.  This set has so may options and so much creativity that children will be entertained for years to come.  The playhouse on the left is a 6' x 8' and also has the hidden ladder which is an access ladder from the lower fort that exits below a fixed table on the upper fort - this unique feature eliminates the risk of falling through an escape door that has been left open or children being hurt by a trap door, there is also access to the covered bridge and turbo slide from this fort. There is also the popular lemonade stand with a dormer giving this playhouse a custom look.  The right fort is a multi-level mega-fort with access to the covered bridge, plank board, 10' slide, fireman's pole, rock wall, and monkey bars.  Below are located a picnic table and sandbox.  The covered bridge is tall enough for adults to walk in without hitting there head and really sets this playset apart from the rest.