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From Just Swings To The Backyard Extreme

Chalet Towers - $3500.00

The Chalet Towers is our original Chalet set which we built in the Spring of 2008 and the new addition of a bridge to another Champion Set done this Spring (2009).  In addition to the bridge and new fort there are also monkey bars that have been added beneath the bridge.  Check back again next spring for the next addition as these wonderful grand-parents have plans to add on again then for their grand-childrens birthdays.

This set was built on a slope so the access from the bridge between the forts has been adjusted.  This set can be built on level ground as well and the entrances from the bridge to the forts will be adjusted to that this set will work with your yard. 

This particular set eliminates the 8' slide however if we could custom design something for you if you would still like to keep the 8' slide.  Again the standard price for this swing does not include the tire swing which can be added as an upgrade for $150.00.  It also does not include the toddler swing under the fort which was added by the customer, the 2 board extensions with the trapeze rings and disc swing or the hammock swing which was added by the customer.  Some of these options fit specifically with their landscape and we can see if they will work with yours.

This set includes both the multi-level Chalet fort and the Champion fort, rock wall with climbing rocks & climbing rope, plankboard, monkey bars under bridge, two 10' slides, built-in- sandbox under one fort, built-in picnic table under other fort (not shown), optional ladder, and a swing arm with your choice of 3 swings.